Updated HFC Aircraft ICAO Flight Plan Codes

There is an updated document for the fleet's ICAO Flight Plan Codes:



Club Deb on the ramp at Seatac!

One of our club members flew the Deb to SEA for a meeting with officials there. Here is how he described the flight:

I guess their continuous surprise was more about my intentions to land at KSEA when the current weather was below IFR minimums while I was still enroute. One of the first controllers I got handed off to asked me to state my RVR requirements. J … I guess the last Bonanza he handled was ILS CAT II/III certified? J (Well maybe he wanted to know if my personal minimums were in excess of IFR Cat I mins? Did any of you ever get asked that question? At least he seemed ok with my answer “1/2 mi”)

Thankfully the weather report was spot on and the ceiling had “lifted” to 200 feet with great visibility below the deck, so no real problem getting down, in particular with all the approach lights they have set up there.

Getting out was equally “easy”, note though that I forgot to switch on Transponder to ALT for Taxi and got asked to do so halfway down the Taxiway T – I recommend we change the checklist to remind ourselves to set Transponder to ALT prior to taxiing.

Other than the low clouds over Seattle – a beautiful day to fly. Visibility in excess of 100nm …

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