How the Club Works


The club currently has a single membership level. Members may fly any aircraft in the club fleet as long as they meet all Club, insurance requiremtnes, FAA ratings, certificates, checkrides and currency requirements.

The Club has a non-refundable, one time "buy-in". See the Costs page for current buy-in amounts.

Once you've signed up, paid and been checked out, you'll get your own set of keys to the airplane. To go flying, just reserve the plane utilizing the club scheduling software and head on down to the hangar and take off! The club encourages overnight and longer trips.


Membership includes liability and full hull insurance coverage for club aircraft. The insurance deductible per member is $2,500 for a non-moving accident (damage sustained while the airplane is not moving under its own power), and $2,500 for moving incidents. Members are encouraged to consider self-insuring to cover the cost of the deductibles.

Monthly dues

Members pay monthly dues based on their membership level. Members who own their own airplane, or co-own it with a spouse, are eligible for a 50% discount on their dues. To receive the discount, they must present proof of ownership to the Board. Visit the Costs page for current monthly dues.

Hourly rates

Hourly rates are wet (include fuel), and billed by tach hour, rather than hobbs. The Tach vs Hobbs page explains the difference between tach and hobbs time, and how tach time is going to save you a bunch of money! Visit the Costs page for current hourly rates.

Initial Checkout

After you join the club, you will fly with a club CFI to receive a checkout and sign-off in each aircraft that your membership allows you to fly. The checkout will introduce you to the club's operating procedures for each of its aircraft, and assess your readiness to fly. There is no set time estimate for a checkout; it could vary from an hour for a pilot well qualified for a given aircraft, to ten hours or more for a pilot who hasn't flow in a while.

Currency Requirements

The club has the following currency requirements that have been implemented based on insurance or club regulations. In addition, each pilot is responsible for meeting all applicable FAA medical, ratings, certificates and currency requirements for the aircraft they fly.

Club Currency Requirements
Type Period Length Requirements
Safety Seminars 12 months 2 attendances
PIC Currency / Make and Model 90 days 1hr M&M C-172 or C-182; 2hrs M&M Debonair
Annual Proficiency Check 12 months Each aircraft the member flies

Note(s): Any official safety seminar (AOPA, FAA, etc.) can fulfill the requirement, and the club occasionally puts on short safety seminars after club meetings.

Club Meetings

The Hillsboro Flying Club is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization that is governed by a membership-elected Board. The Board meets each month, usually on the second Tuesday of the month. Members are encouraged to attend, and visitors who are evaluating membership are also welcome. Check the calendar for upcoming meetings.