Wright Brothers History

A local student reached out to the club and wished to share this article with everyone. Wright Brothers History:

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Updated HFC Aircraft ICAO Flight Plan Codes

There is an updated document for the fleet's ICAO Flight Plan Codes:


28M at Abbotford, BC, Canada.

The Club's Cessna 182, N1228M at CYXX.

Member Frank Weissig flew 28M to Abbotsford, BC for the Abbotsford International Airshow. He took in the Friday evening show, featuring the Blue Angels, Snowbirds, CF-18 afterburner extravaganza, a jet-powered glider with pyrotechnics. It all ended with a massive fireworks display, all in all one of the best airshows he's seen in a long while.

Cherokee Hanger Location

KHIO map showing 27F's hanger location.

Above is a map to the hanger for the Cherokee... 27F.

28M at Independence State

Just the Club's 182 at Independence State Airport on a recent flight.

AC 90-66B of 3/13/18 Posted

A new Advisory Circular document is posted to the Documents section of this site (See: ) If you prefer, visit our "Resources" page and find the link to the FAA Advisory Circulars, search for "Non-Towered" and you see the link straightaway.

Don Brown, one of our CFIs, stated when he sent this to be published, "This is significant w/regards to operating @ non-towered, or towered but closed, airports, and the multiple relevant previous AC's it now supersedes as of last month. The AOPA presenter made explicit that most of this is ADVISORY, not FAA Mandated, but no less recommended due to it goal of SAFETY and thus pilot longevity.
As I stated last night, this for me was likely one of the most valuable presentations of my lifetime."

Since you expanded this post: simply visit and get it straight from the FAA.

Download and read it -- good stuff!

"Flying Season" Redefined

In September of 2017, the Board redefined the "Flying Season" to May 1 through Oct 31. This extends the season by a month on each end as the old duration was defined as June 1 through September 30.

This was done primarily to promote aircraft availability to our growing membership by extending the period of time that the Summer scheduling rules applied. See the updated regulations at (specifically section 5.1 and 5.2 dealing with long reservations and multiple uncompleted reservations.

Reminder -- Google Calendar for HFC Available

Did you know that there is a Google calendar for HFC events and other flight related events?

If you have a Google account, you can easily add the calendar to those you can view by simply logging into your personal gmail account and going to your calendar and entering "hillsboroflyingclub {-at-}" into the "add a friend's calendar" field (without the quotes; substitute the @ character for {-at-}).

You can customize the color of the calendar entries to differentiate them from your own or any other calendars you may already link to.

Events include the club meetings, banquet, and other "pop-up" events as well as area fly-ins, flight pancake breakfasts, BBQ events, etc.

ICAO Flight Planning and HFC Equipment Codes

ICAO flight planning requires a little setup in your EFB apps. Check out our fleet's equipment and nav codes for ICAO under Resources > Club Google Resources. For more information on setting up some popular EFB programs with the aircraft ICAO codes see the iPad Pilot article listed under Resources > EFB Related Information.

For your convenience, here are both the links.

Flight to Packwood in 28M

Photo of the town of St. Helens, Oregon and the Columbia River in the late afternoon sunlight.

Above: The town of St. Helens, Oregon in the late afternoon sunlight.

More photos from a flight to Packwood, WA last year in our 182 at the link below. You too can see such sights!