AC 90-66B of 3/13/18 Posted

A new Advisory Circular document is posted to the Documents section of this site (See: ) If you prefer, visit our "Resources" page and find the link to the FAA Advisory Circulars, search for "Non-Towered" and you see the link straightaway.

Don Brown, one of our CFIs, stated when he sent this to be published, "This is significant w/regards to operating @ non-towered, or towered but closed, airports, and the multiple relevant previous AC's it now supersedes as of last month. The AOPA presenter made explicit that most of this is ADVISORY, not FAA Mandated, but no less recommended due to it goal of SAFETY and thus pilot longevity.
As I stated last night, this for me was likely one of the most valuable presentations of my lifetime."

Since you expanded this post: simply visit and get it straight from the FAA.

Download and read it -- good stuff!

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