Welcome to the Hillsboro Flying Club

The Hillsboro Flying Club is a member-owned and operated, not-for-profit organization run by volunteers who love to fly. We are based out of the Portland-Hillsboro (HIO) airport, in Hillsboro Oregon. Member involvement at all levels helps to keep rates low and ensures that the aircraft are clean, well-maintained and carrying the equipment that members want. Scheduling is easy and can be done via the web or by phone, 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. When compared with FBO's our airplanes are very available. Membership includes liability and full hull insurance coverage.

Our Airplanes

AC 90-66B of 3/13/18 Posted

A new Advisory Circular document is posted to the Documents section of this site (See: http://www.hillsboroflying.org/node/139 ) If you prefer, visit our "Resources" page and find the link to the FAA Advisory Circulars, search for "Non-Towered" and you see the link straightaway.

"Flying Season" Redefined

In September of 2017, the Board redefined the "Flying Season" to May 1 through Oct 31. This extends the season by a month on each end as the old duration was defined as June 1 through September 30.

This was done primarily to promote aircraft availability to our growing membership by extending the period of time that the Summer scheduling rules applied. See the updated regulations at http://www.hillsboroflying.org/regs (specifically section 5.1 and 5.2 dealing with long reservations and multiple uncompleted reservations.

Celebrating 64 years of flying! 1954-2018

The Hillsboro Flying Club is celebrating 64 years of flying. The club was incorporated as the non profit Tektronix Employee's Flying Club on January 4, 1954. We've been in continuous operation ever since. Come celebrate flying by joining the club!

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