Updated HFC Aircraft ICAO Flight Plan Codes

There is an updated document for the fleet's ICAO Flight Plan Codes:



28M at Abbotford, BC, Canada.

The Club's Cessna 182, N1228M at CYXX.

Member Frank Weissig flew 28M to Abbotsford, BC for the Abbotsford International Airshow. He took in the Friday evening show, featuring the Blue Angels, Snowbirds, CF-18 afterburner extravaganza, a jet-powered glider with pyrotechnics. It all ended with a massive fireworks display, all in all one of the best airshows he's seen in a long while.

28M at Independence State

Just the Club's 182 at Independence State Airport on a recent flight.

Flight to Packwood in 28M

Photo of the town of St. Helens, Oregon and the Columbia River in the late afternoon sunlight.

Above: The town of St. Helens, Oregon in the late afternoon sunlight.

More photos from a flight to Packwood, WA last year in our 182 at the link below. You too can see such sights!



N1228M Gets a Max Payload Boost!

It is all official! Our 182 (N1228M) has a STC that raises our maximum gross weight for takeoff to 3100 lbs (the maximum landing weight is unchanged at 2950 lbs).

This enables prudent pilots that adhere to the guidance on Weight & Balance (see STC for Increased Weight in N1228M C-182P) to utilize our 182P to its full potential to carry a nice big payload of passengers and gear to those remote camping areas with a grass strip! Join and plan your camping trip in style today!

28M's Panel as of 2015 May

An evening flight reveals the Club's 182, 28M's panel in this May 2015 flight image. A newer item is the ADS-B out supporting transponder at lower right.

28M Preparation

November 1228 Mike, the club's 182, exterior view on May 17th, 2015.

A more recent photo of the Club's Cessna 182, N1228M, just before an evening flight in May, 2015.


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