Board Members

President Zach Wiens 503-616-8841 zwiens {-at-}
Vice President Jonathan Christner jchristnercfi {-at-}
Secretary Dan Rausch five o three-828-1632 dan {-at-}
Treasurer Matt Watters matt.watters {-at-}
Maintenance Officer Don Brown 503-380-4830 FLYINGIMC {-at-} GMAIL.COM
Board Member Jesse Applegate
Board Member (and Webmaster) Donald Bosart five o three-358-3753 donald {-at-}
Board Member David Chermak dchermak {-at-}
Board Member Dan Di Matteo five o three 987-0595 ddimatte+hfc {-at-}

Plane Captains

Cessna 172P Peter Maag e12pilot {-at-}
Cessna 182P Jesse Applegate applejes {-at-}
Beech Debonair Don Brown 503-380-4830 FLYINGIMC {-at-} GMAIL.COM

Club Authorized CFI's

Instructor Ratings Club Checkout Aircraft Phone E-mail
Don Brown CFI, CFII (Inst. Preferred) Yes 172, 182, C33 503-380-4830 FLYINGIMC {-at-} GMAIL.COM
Ron Ems CFI Yes 172, 182, C33 503-292-6406 rkems {-at-}
Shannon Miller CFI, CFII, AGI, IGI Yes 172, 182, C33 503-705-6309 apebiz {-at-}
Zach Wiens CFI, MEI, AGI Yes 172, 182 503-616-8841 zwiens {-at-}

Note: New members need to receive an initial checkout and sign-off for each club plane they're authorized to fly. These checkouts can be done by any of the club CFIs listed above as approved for initial checkouts. Other training or required currency checkouts can be performed with any of the instructors listed above.

CFI's are not allowed to teach in club aircraft without first being approved by the club. Prospective members or present members that wish to learn from a CFI not on the above list may have their chosen CFI complete the non-club CFI application: HFC_CFI_App. This application, along with an interview from two club instructors is required for approval. Note that, at present time, instructors must also become members of the Club.