Level II: Cessna 182P


N1228M: 1975 Cessna 182P

  • 230HP Four Seat IFR
  • Standard Nav Lights, Beacon, Strobes and Landing Light
  • Level II Aircraft
Audio Panel KA-134
#1 Nav/Com Garmin GNS-430W
#1 HSI Garmin G5
#2 Nav/Com Garmin GNC-255A
#2 CDI Garmin W/GS
Garmin G5 AI (Vacuum System Replaced w/ dual G5s)
Garmin GFC-500 Autopilot Pitch and Roll
DME KN-64 W/Remote
Transponder BendixKing KT-74 Mode S with ADS-B out
Engine Analyzer JPI EDM-711: CHT (Primary), Carb Temp
ICX (4 Place) NAT-AA80
Clock Davtron M803
Oxygen Built-in 4 Place
Cruise 124 kts
Empty Weight 1878.84 lbs
Max Gross Weight (at T/O) / (at Landing) 3100 lbs / 2950 lbs
Usable Fuel 75 gals
Fuel Flow at 75% ~12gph / 75%
Range 817 nm