Club Info

The Hillsboro Flying Club is a member-owned and operated, not-for-profit organization run by volunteers who love to fly. We are based out of the Portland-Hillsboro (HIO) airport, in Hillsboro Oregon. Member involvement at all levels helps to keep rates low and ensures that the aircraft are clean, well-maintained and carrying the equipment that members want. Scheduling is easy and can be done via the web or by phone, 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. When compared with FBO's our airplanes are very available. Membership includes liability and full hull insurance coverage.

Our Mission

We serve pilots within the Portland Metro Area with affordable and safe aircraft that are suitable for friends, family and business. As a long-standing non-profit, we provide the path to nurture our passion for flying.

Our Foundation

  • We practice sound fiscal management
  • We maintain our aircraft so all members experience pride of ownership
  • We assure availability of aircraft
  • We foster broad participation


In 1954 the Tek Flying Club was founded by a group of Tektronix employees. A couple of years later the club voted to open up membership to the general public. In 1998 our name was changed to the Hillsboro Flying Club. Under either name the club has always worked to make flying affordable and safe.