Aviation Weather Geographical Areas

Ever get a briefing, or read an Area Forecast, and see references to areas such as "Interior Valleys/SW Oregon", or "Eastern Slopes", or "High Plateau", or "Willamette Valley", and wonder where those areas are exactly?

If you've lived in Oregon/PNW for a while, maybe you can figure it out (hopefully you know where the Willamette Valley is). But if you're flying XC, and at a fuel stop get an updated briefing, you may not know where "Uqita Basin" or "Four Corners Area" is! Or where the "Lower Arkansas Valley" is (it's NOT in Arkansas!). Click the read more link below (or the title of this article) to reveal more.

Well, I shared this a few years ago, but having met quite a few newcomers to our area since then, it occurred to me that maybe I should share it again.

It's a nationwide map with all the regional area names:

(Hint: Put this PDF in your EFB!)

By Shannon Miller

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